Anteliz Private Villa

3 Bedroom Villa | In the heart of the Fira city cetner

This enchanting beauty of Santorini is reflected by Villa Fortaleza, rising peacefully in the heart of the Fira city cetner. Minutes away from the main hotel location, the Anteliz Private Villa seems to have lived through the ages unhindered since 1767, boldly observing the Theran landscape as it changes through the seasons.

The cycladic architecture composed in the pure tradition of Santorinian Captain Houses, with domes and cave structures punctuating the dazzling white and Aegean sun, combined with the impeccable views of the Caldera compose a harmonious and serene picture.

Once its door is pushed open, the vastness of this villa with 3 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, gives way to delightful luxury, blending periods and styles in a mix of modernism and tradition. A monastery table gathers the guests in the large living room, and authentic Aegean cuisine can be enhanced by the Solis Occasum's offerings and wines - all this coming with a terrace with pool and an uncluttered view of Theran archipelago and the church of Saint Stylianos.

Rather than mere bedrooms, the villa's in house suites are genuine living spaces, inviting contemplation of the timeless character of the surrounding landscapes in a calm and intimate atmosphere.